ButtKicker BK-LFE Low Frequency Effects System

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ButtKicker BK-LFE Low Frequency Effects System Description

Product Description Low Frequency Effects ButtKicker version for Home Theater use – 4 ohm The only tactile transducer designed specifically to take advantage of the 0.1 and LFE (low frequency effects) channels, the ButtKicker LFE features extended low-frequency response for powerful bass and special effects. If you are looking to delight and electrify yourself and others with an affordable and easy-to-use solution, now is the time to incorporate the ButtKicker into your sound-system’s design and feel what you’ve been missing. The ButtKicker LFE Low Frequency Effects System utilizes a patented magnetic suspension and can be used in couches, theater seating, platforms, and any type of structure. Different from other shakers or tactile transducers that use voice coil technology, the ButtKicker is much more powerful, more musical (linear), and offers true infrasonic, or low-frequency response with a resonant frequency of 9 Hz. The ButtKicker LFE utilizes a small, linear motor, which reacts to an audio signal sent by an amplifier. The system is similar to a loudspeaker, but instead of moving a cone and transferring sound waves through the air, it attaches to seats and floors, and sends low-frequency sound directly into the listener’s body to accurately reproduce the ‘feeling’ range of many natural and man-made sounds, such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, sound effects, and all styles of music. One ButtKicker LFE will easily replace two, four, or more voice coil-type shakers, and it is virtually indestructible and maintenance free. The ButtKicker LFE is used in everything from theme-park attractions and specialty theaters, to car-stereo systems, and custom home theaters. The ButtKicker LFE Low Frequency Effects System is small and unobtrusive, but powerful. Measuring only 5.375 x 5.5 x 5.375 inches (WxHxD), the ButtKicker weighs 11 pounds, and has a frequency range of 5 to 200 Hz. This unit has a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, and a power handling that ranges from a minimum of 400 watts to a 1,500-watt maximum.

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