GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit

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GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit Description

Give your records some love with GrooveWasher! Elegant vintage style with superior cleaning performance. Clean records sound better and last longer. GrooveWasher is the necessary cleaning tool for everyone who loves music from vinyl records. Heavy cleaning to fine grooming, before every play. The GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit includes: One handcrafted solid milled American walnut handle–made to last for decades. One Replaceable Cleaning Pad. One 2 oz bottle of G2 Fluid with mist spray. Turret spout fluid applicator. Record label protector mask. GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Booklet. Before choosing a record cleaning kit, read the description of the cleaning fluid. Some cheap disposable kits use plain water. Others have high isopropyl alcohol, which is bad for vinyl. GrooveWasher G2 Fluid is effective and safe for vinyl records. No iso alcohol. Super low viscosity. No rinsing needed.

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