Monoprice 109994 Composite S-Video HDMI Converter and Switch

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Monoprice 109994 Composite S-Video HDMI Converter and Switch Description

Package Quantity:1 HDMI is taking over the world or at least the video world. All new TVs sport multiple HDMI inputs while legacy inputs such as composite and S-video are found on fewer and fewer displays. But what if you still have some legacy equipment such as an old VHS player and VHS tapes? There is no need-Inch throw it away or-Inch get a replacement. Just get this Composite S-Video and HDMI-Inch HDMI Converter from Monoprice! The primary purpose of this converter is-Inch take legacy Composite or S-Video input and convert it-Inch HDMI for use on your newer HDTV. The converter accepts a low-resolution 480i legacy input and upscales it-Inch a high-resolution 720p or 1080p HDMI digital signal. The HDMI input allows the converter-Inch perform upscaling on low-resolution HDMI signals so you can view them at the full 720p/1080p resolution supported by your TV. The output can be switched from 720p-Inch 1080p at the press of a button. Another small button on unit switches between the composite/s-video input and the HDMI input. The converter is powered by a 5 VDC 2A AC power adapter which is included in the package. The AC adapter has a 46′ long cord. The converter measures 5 1/16′ x 3. 5′ x 1. 0′. HDMI the HDMI Logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

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