Monoprice 111567 Desktop Headphone Amplifier

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Monoprice 111567 Desktop Headphone Amplifier Description

Get superior audio reproduction from your computer and audiophile headphones using this Desktop Headphone Amplifier from Monoprice! This headphone amplifier features a USB input and a professional level Texas Instruments Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), effectively replacing your sound card without requiring you to open your PC and installing a new card. The high-current output allows it to drive headphones with a wide range of impedances, from 16 ohms to 600 ohms. The RCA line outputs allow you to send the output to a stereo amplifier or powered speakers for those times when you don’t want to use headphones. A set of RCA line inputs allows you to connect an external audio source, such as a CD player, so you can enjoy the advantages of the high-current headphone output with other audio sources.

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