Monoprice Bit-Path AV HDMI Over Ethernet Extender Kit

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Monoprice Bit-Path AV HDMI Over Ethernet Extender Kit Description

Monoprice Bit-Path AV is revolutionary new technology for transmitting HDMI video over long distances. It features a proprietary IP-based network topology, which allows it to operate as a standalone system, transmitting the HDMI signal to distances up to 120 meters over a single Ethernet cable*. You can also plug it into your existing Ethernet local area network and use the existing network infrastructure to transmit the signal over any distance, without interfering with your LAN traffic. It supports the 1080p FHD resolution, 3D video, and multichannel, compressed and uncompressed audio. Best of all, it is a true Plug-n-Play solution, allowing installers and end-users alike to quickly and easily create an HDMI distribution system for home and business applications alike.Easy Installation: By using a proprietary IP-based network topology, the Bit-Path AV system can be up in running in a matter of minutes. Use it as a standalone extender, using a single Ethernet cable to distances up to 120 meters, or plug into an existing LAN and transmit the HDMI® signal over any distance.Use Almost Anywhere: As long as you have access to a power outlet, you can use this extender. Use a single Ethernet cable for standalone operation or plug into a router or Ethernet switch to use an existing network infrastructure. The slim transmitter and receiver modules can be wall mounted for easy access.Auto Scale Resolution: The system automatically adjusts the output resolution based on the signal source and transmission distance to ensure the highest quality picture possible.Transmission Distance: Using a single Ethernet cable* in standalone mode, you can transmit 1080p HDMI signals to distances up to 120 meters. Alternatively, you can use an existing LAN to transmit the signal to any distance.ConnectionsStandalone: Use a single Ethernet cable* between the transmitter and receiver to extend the HDMI signal to distances up to 120 meters.Existing Network: Plug the system into routers or network switches on an existing local area network to extend the HDMI signal over any distance using existing network infrastructure.HDMI Splitter: By using an Ethernet switch** and multiple receivers, in either a standalone or existing network installation, you can split the HDMI signal to multiple destinations. Unlike other HDMI splitters, the system scales with your needs, from a simple 1×2 split using two receivers to an extensive, complex and unlimited split using multiple receivers. You can even use multiple receivers in conjunction with conventional splitters to further multiply the number of displays you can use.ApplicationsThe Bit-Path AV HDMI Extender is the perfect solution for extending and optionally splitting an HDMI signal to drive one or more displays at distances up to 120 meters in standalone configurations or any distance, using existing network infrastructure.• Home Theater• TV Walls• Video Surveillance• Church/School• Conference• Presentation* For best results, use Cat6 STP cabling. ** For best results, use Gigabit (1000Mbps) rated switches and cabling.

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