Music Hall – MMF-2.3 Black 2-Speed Manual Audiophile Turntable

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Music Hall – MMF-2.3 Black 2-Speed Manual Audiophile Turntable Description

If you’re a music lover who has yet to take the vinyl plunge, Music Hall’s easy-to-use MMF-2.3 makes a great place to start. That’s because Music Hall engineered this turntable to deliver outstanding value and performance that goes far beyond its price point. The MMF-2.3’s minimalist design focuses directly on the critical com­ponents that benefit sound quality — the main bearing, motor, and tonearm. But that doesn’t mean this beauty looks stripped-down. Music Hall also gave it a clean, streamlined appearance with an elegant high-gloss lacquer finish. The MMF-2.3’s sturdy MDF chassis rests on adjustable, vibration-damping rubber feet that provide a solid, low-resonance foundation. Its heavy steel alloy platter spins on a high-precision stainless steel and bronze bearing assembly for smooth, silent rotation. The DC synchronous motor ensures superior speed stability for accurate playback. The damped motor mounts and belt-drive system effectively isolate the motor’s vibration from the chassis to prevent noise from being transferred to the cartridge. Finally, the table’s custom carbon fiber tonearm provides superb tracking ability to faithfully follow the grooves of your albums. A silicone-damped lift for gently raises and lowers the arm, protecting both the stylus and your records. Music Hall knows that turntable setup can be a challenge for the novice. That’s why the MMF-2.3 comes out of the box virtually ready to play. Its pre-matched, factory-mounted phono cartridge and tonearm take the guesswork out of installation, and give you optimized sound quality with minimal effort. A few simple steps to dial in key settings like tracking force, anti-skating, and platter speed are all it takes to get this player primed and ready to deliver spacious, detailed music.

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