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A high resolution professional photo of a vintage Boombox framed and mounted on a discreet shadow box holding a fully functional Stereo. The Speakers in the photo have been strategically replaced with matching real speakers to create the illusion and the reality that your artwork is your sound system. All while discretely hanging on your wall. An integrated 60W stereo DSP tuned amplifier with Bluetooth and aux input powers dual 6 1/2′ poly dome woofers and dual 5/8′ silk domed tweeters. 24v power supply included. Here is why. The human experience is finite and we define ourselves through experience. Music is a key to the door in ourselves that makes us feel more than we knew we could. Art is a window into our souls and our very electrical being that peels back the rules of the universe and makes us question reality. Identifying with our tribe through culture and waving our unique flag that sends the message to the world saying I am me, and I matter. Music, Art, and culture distilled into that lightning strike, that cup that overflows, a Touch of Bass is my way of sharing this simple idea with you. The idea that you are you because you believe in possibility. So thank you, and I hope that this little ripple in the sea of experience pushes your boat in the right direction.

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